I'm trying to contact witha .in domain owner. Can you help?


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Hi everybody.
I want to buy a .in domain and cannot locate the owner.

The whois data is:

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As I've checked, there are lots of domains with the same whois data (ex: book.in, Test.in, Act.in, school.in, channel.in, pool.in, blog.in, Design.in).
Anyone can help?

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Have you tried email, telephone and regular mail? Are you offering a reasonable amount for the domain?


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I've tried email, but no luck. I've dialed phone number, no anwer.
Did not send by regular mail.
I did not made any offer. First, I want to know if the domain is for sale.
Thanks Jeff


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PM me the details. I might know him.

Edit : The address mentioned on whois is 40 minute drive from my place. Which domain are you interested in? I might be able to help you with it.
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Still trying to contact. If anyone can help me, please, contact me in private or at my email jordi (at)primerlloc.com.
Help rewarded.

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