Illegal stuff which you might not know

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    There are many businesses that offer to make you quick buck and may sound lucrative but they might be illegal and may get you into trouble in the long run.
    Here are 10 such businesses:

    1. Sites that let you watch free TV shows, free movies, or listen to free songs online
    2. Celebrity related sites
    3. Pre-made sites and databases
    4. Celebrity domain names
    5. Typo domain names
    6. Sites with user uploaded content
    7. Email marketing
    8. Certain types of sites require state licenses, such as if you are selling/brokering concert tickets, boats, or real estate.
    9. If you are running an e-commerce site (online store), make sure that you charge sales tax
    10. Unlicensed images

    To know how these businesses are illegal, check out the article
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