Registrars & Hosting Companies to Remove Illegal Pharmacy Sites


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According to an article on redOrbit, U.S. registrars and hosting companies, such as GoDaddy and, are taking steps to remove sites that advertise the illegal sale of controlled substances.

Website hosting companies are moving swiftly to rid their servers of sites that advertise the illegal sale of controlled substances -- including performance-enhancing drugs -- even though legislation signed by last week President Bush won't take effect for months.

Under the new legislation, which comes into effect in April, U.S. law enforcement can serve notice on a registrar or hosting company and request that they shut down a site that is distributing illegal controlled substances.

Websites will still be able to advocate the use of controlled substances and provide pricing information. But once the site crosses into distribution, its operators will be violating the law. A person caught selling controlled substances over the Internet faces up to 10 years in prison -- double the previous maximum penalty for unlawful distribution.
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Nearly six months later...

LegitScript and ResellerClub are reporting that their fight against "rogue" online pharmacies is showing promise. During the last six months, thousands of online pharmacies have been shut down.

Some registrars claim that they cannot shut down dangerous 'no-prescription-required' and fake online pharmacies. ResellerClub has proven that this is not true. By refusing to profit from dangerous, criminal activity at the expense of Internet users, ResellerClub has established itself as a responsible example for the rest of the Internet community.

For more info, read this press release.


I think it's reasonable for the hosts doing that sort of the things. Because other good sites may lose the SEO value after seeing such sites on same IP of shared host. So it can be a good option if one can be allowing the users to be not be on same server such as those spammers. That way there will be less SEO damage.
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