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I came across this website today ChaaiPani.com, which in Hindi roughly means a tea break, where you discuss a lot of stuff.

They cover some of the best inspirational stories ranging from comedians to mountaineers to activists to social groups, who are making an impact in the world , in their own small and big ways.
The blog is basically about highly passionate people, and I am glad that I happen to visit it, read some of the stories and have added it to my daily list of readings.

In case you are willing to read something motivational, something related to passion, something about what are the ingredients of success, you should definitely give these stories a try.

Here's a link to their website

P.S. They have their fundraising campaign going on, to provide with better stories. In case you find the stories interesting and are willing to contribute to their efforts, you can donate and be a supporter of their fundraiser.

I spoke to one of the founders. Believe me, they are extremely passionate about what they are doing.

Here is a link to their fundraiser in case you are willing to fund (From <$1 to approx. $1,000)
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That looks like a very diverse site. I normally don't help sites financially, but this really does look like a worthy cause. Whatever you can afford.


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