Google's domain strategy for driver-less cars

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    Google’s not God. MarkMonitor’s no Moses. Thou shalt not treat Alphabet’s domain registration patterns as the 10 Commandments. Yet it’s interesting to look at what they’ve carved in stone for themselves … because it’s a display of TLD priorities … and because others too are looking.

    Waymo, in case you haven’t already heard, is Google / Alphabet’s spinoff company for autonomous vehicles. The new brand name was widely reported on December 13, but close observers would have noticed a flurry of domain registrations on November 21 and 22 (depending on time zone).

    Country codes I’ll deal with later. For now, let’s digest what’s on our plate already. Beyond the no-brainer automotive keywords, it’s interesting to see what else Google thought of: customer service and jobs. Next, public relations with .COMPANY and .PRESS. Notice their embrace of .BLOG, which is barely a month old. And .TECH is no surprise, considering the New York Times referred to “tech” and “technology” 17 times in their story about Waymo.

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