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Writing content for your website isn't always easy. I found this post by Peter Da Vanzo on how to start writing very useful.

This is my favourite tip from the article:

7. Your Written Voice

Only you sound like you. No one writes like you. That is your in-built, unique point of difference.

One way to find your voice is to read your writing aloud. What bits sound wrong? What bits sound pretentious or condescending? What bits just don't sound like you. Eliminate them. Readers want to "hear" a distinctive voice that rings true.

A lot of blogs are starting to sound like mainstream media reporting, and that is a shame. The writers have forgotten what made blogs an attractive alternative in the first place - the use of the personalized voice.

Great tip! Okay, so I read my post aloud and it kind of sounds like me. :D

Happy writing! ;)


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