Is There Any Writing Platform That Pays Upfront Instantly?

I have been around searching for the various ways to earn online as a writer for over a decade now. I discovered a platform that tried paying writers a small percentage of the asking price as upfront payment, promising to pay the rest upon purchase. Initially, they were so fair and just in approving articles and paying writers appropriately.

Recently, I noticed a change such that, even after your articles are rejected in the name of stringent requirements, the same article rejected will still be found listed on their marketplace. Immediately I noticed this, I stopped writing for them, but I still desire to continue writing for writing platforms. Can anyone suggest one platform?
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I'm familiar with a lot of these writing sites as I also started there when I wanted to find ways of earning money online as a writer. After spending (wasting) months of my time writing articles that they wouldn't sell, I finally figured out that I was better off writing these articles for my own site and monetizing it through the various ways available.


I've heard of sites like Hubpages, but I don't know if they pay upfront. If there are any good paying writing sites out there, I'd love to know about them.


Demand Studios is the only site that pays freelancers upfront. But these days they are not paying much. You can find that lot of their tests are not easy to compete. You can see that writing on such platforms is not easy. So getting shortlisted is the way to go. I think we have to consider that.


With so many people trying to succeed in writing, I would say its close to impossible to find such sites. If people would pay you instantly a lot of people could just randomly type stuff that does not make any sense or even worse, plagiarize. That is probably the very reason people have to go through all the tests and still wait for their payouts, at least until they get a proof that you are legit and know what you are doing.


There's one called contentgather that's just started. If you get approved to a certain level they pay you some of the funds when the article is approved rather than wait for it to sell. I don't know if this is just a start-up offer that will vanish in future, or how hard approval is to get though.
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