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Follow these steps to get first 1000 subscribers to your blog.

1) Links from popular blogs

a) Write Guest posts
b) Write related posts on your blog.
c) Ask for a link as a follow up

2) Twitter, facebook, Google+ etc.

a) Write Guest post.
b) Follow people who share the guest post.
c) Interact with those people, build new relationships and grow your business.

3) SEO

a) Write guest post.
b) Link to the blogs in your byline
c) Ask for authorship credit.

4) Build your email list

Nothing is better than building your own list. If you got a list, you got a business.
a) Create an opt-in page.
b) Write Guest post.
c) Link to page in the byline.

Offer the visitors an incentive and get their email address in return. This is going to be an instant traffic resource for your website.


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One of the best ways to get a lot of subscribers and good incoming traffic to your blog is creating and maintaining a good social media presence. You don't have to create a presence on all the social media websites you come across, you only have to target the most prominent and popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.


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