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Hi Tanks

You'll find that people aren't having great results with any of the domain parking companies so far for Indian domains. The average is about 10 cents at Sedo, ND and others.
Re: Which best?

TrafficZ has been getting good reviews for domain parking and I like the look of NameDrive. But in terms of cashflow, I haven?t found anything better than Sedo. Their ability to post relevant ads and maintain high CTRs helps to make up for painfully low RPC payout rates. For desi domains, their PRC payouts are most commonly only 3 US cents. They also provide crude statistical reports on the origins of visitors to parking pages.

Sedo uses Google ads for its domain parking program. Part of the reason that Sedo?s RPC rates are so low is because of the low e-commerce drivers behind the ads. Janta is certainly clicking on ads, but they are not immediately buying.

Online ads contribute to the sales process without having their contribution being able to be tracked conclusively for each click through. Sales come through a variety of channels, of which online advertising helps but is often not the overwhelming driver.

In the future, once more people in India go online and immediately make purchases after clicking on ads--then payouts will increase.

Except for hoardings, the advertising industry in India is still tiny by global revenue standards. All spending on magazine print ads in India in 2006, for example, reportedly amounted to only about US$28 million. Some individual magazines in the U.S. exceed that amount.

As international companies seek to reach out to Indian consumers, the market for online ads will pick up. International companies maintain active ad buying programs, which can quickly adapt to include a focus on Indian consumers. The international companies understand that online advertising offers a unique and powerful way to connect with consumers, and accept the dynamics of being unable to track single clickthroughs to discrete purchases.

Sellers can help themselves by relentlessly educating Indian business promoters on the value of targeted online advertising (hint, hint).

One way for education to occur is to ask sales directors what their Google AdWords budget is every month. Even among ITeS companies seeking to attract global clients, the answer is most commonly ?nothing.?
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Re: Which best?

One vote for here for parking my domains, at least for some names.
Parking Pages in Google

Hi all,

I have a few with doing well eg. is sitting in second place for the keyword "ceilings" and in the top 10 for quite a few other ceilings phrases.

Would like to see how others are going with their parked pages.

I have 187 & .in domains of which about 50 are strong single word generic or commercial / product related domains. The rest are 2 word domains focused all at commercial products or services.

Would love to develop them all over time but this would be a huge undertaking of course.

So for now they are all parked and watching which ones have legs all on their own which I hope will give me some direction as to which ones to build out first.

Any thoughts or feedback welcome. :)


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Re: Parking Pages in Google

I also own more Indian domains than I'll ever be able to develop :p

They're parked, but traffic from search engines is nominal. However, they do get what I would consider a significant amount of type in traffic - more than, say, my .ca domains.

The one thing though is that the payment per click I've received is very low. I've got the domains parked at Namedrive for now and I'll probably move some of the higher traffic ones around to see if I can get a higher pay out. I'm also optimistic that over time, as more businesses and people move to the web in India, bidding on PPC will get more competitive and payments will increase.
Re: Parking Pages in Google

At DomainSponsor, my best and clicks are .12 to .25 per click. Given the steady number of clicks many domains make a profit each year ($13.99 renewal).
I have not even spent time optimizing yet.

* most clicks at .01 though ;(

Anyone else?
I have domains with Parked, Namedrive and Bodis and they don't see a lot of traffic and get very few clicks - the best still seems to be Bodis but it's hardly anything to get excited about. I've also tried Sedo and Parking Panel with no success. Fabulous are supposed to be good for domain parking but unfortunately they don't accept .in

Where does everyone else park their .in domains?
Re: Best parking cos. for .in ?

I park my domains at NameDrive and they're satisfactory. As well, I know several people who use Parked and find them satisfactory.

However, from what I've seen and talking to other people, Indian domains don't tend to make much money from domain parking. I think that will change in time and the Indian online market matures, but likely not for a while.
Re: Best parking cos. for .in ?

If you have any reasonable traffic names, make them into mini-sites and you shalt be well rewarded. I have found adsense a step up from any domain parking company.
Re: Best parking cos. for .in ?

That's what I've started doing - just need to learn some SEO now to get some visitors !
Re: Best parking cos. for .in ?

just need to learn some SEO

Ultimately, SEO all boils down to getting quality links to your website. The rest is figuring out how to get those links, which isn't necessarily easy.
Re: How to monetize?

The three biggest parking providers are, and Sedo doesn't pay well. ActiveAudience has uneven ad feeds. is another option, but I haven't had good luck keeping the same keywords in play with them.
Google now has a way of parking domains. The domains show Google advertisments. The owner gets revenue for clicks. Their system cuts out the middle-man, like Sedo etc. Their system is called something like 'Google for domains.' I can't say it generates much income. It's worth a look.
Re: Parking Pages in Google

G'day Ed,
You helped me out a year or so back when we spoke on the phone as I was acquiring some names. Thanks for that. I own a pile of .In names but wonder if they're worth renewing later this year. I don't have the time to develop, more interested in holding until the .IN thing grows and then selling. These are some of mine - any thoughts on whether they're worth keeping? - - - - -

Thanks mate!


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