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New Member is for sale. Yes, THE, one of the best domain hacks possible and involves the industry we're in. :)

I've now had 2 cases where I thought it was sold for a healthy $xx,xxx only for the sale to fall through. I would rather have it sold and reinvest the money at this point, so the asking price of it has dropped over the past few months.

Price: $20,000 > $16,000 USD

Due to the size of the transaction, I would recommend using escrow via, but I would accept bank wire as well and have a looong history on the 2 largest domaining forums on which I am also

Also FYI, I am the one who sold a few years ago in live auction for $60,000. Have had a few dozen .in domains over the years but the others I've had were nowhere near as nice as and, both of which I bought on the secondary market from people who definitely made a nice ROI from when .in domains were first released. :)

If I don't sell this within the next month, I will likely develop it, so the window of opportunity to own an unmistakable, priceless domain-related domain won't last forever.
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I know you all want it. Who's going to be the one to take a stab at it? I already have 1 buyer who indicated once he can reload on cash, he may buy it. I'm betting someone will beat him to the punch though...

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