Dollar Bank Launches New Website:


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Today Dollar Bank launched a new website. Features of the new site include:

  • A responsive design that is compatible with all devices and adjusts according to the device being used (e.g. desktop, tablet, phone).
  • Updated content to assist visitors in finding the right product, service or rate for their financial needs.
  • Simple navigation so visitors can find the information they need quickly and easily.
  • Ability to set up personalized options (e.g. location, personal, business) based on visitor preferences.
  • A new section showcasing the Dollar Bank Heritage Center (located in the bank’s historical Fourth Avenue Building in downtown Pittsburgh).
“We are very pleased that our new website will make it easier for our customers and prospective customers to access the information they want in one or two clicks,” states Jim McQuade, President of Dollar Bank. “This enhanced navigation and significant upgrade to our site’s content will permit anyone from any device to find information about the bank and our services.”

A design that is friendly for all devices is quite desirable nowadays. Any serious business will take into account details like these in order to be as comfortable as possible for navigation. An updated engine is even more desirable than an user friendly for all platform, many people would overlook some minor issues if they eventually find the thing they're looking for. And a personalized setup option is very welcome too, usually very inviting feature for a recurring client.
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