Do You Pay for Your Music?


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Honestly, with all this stuff flying around, if they catch you downloading illegally, it's kind of scary. I use iTunes and download all my songs off there, and pay for every one. 99 cents a song isn't all that bad and you can download whole albums for about a dollar on some sites. Who else uses the legal method? And if you don't, that's fine. My friend uses Limewire all the time.


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I personally don't like torrents to much but I do have a Rapidshare account. I get the links for the music from sites such as and You can find almost any type of album on there.


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This job is done efficiently by my son, he is able to locate each and every number. He asks me to hand over the list of my choice and gives me the CD within no time. He has got access to lot of sites-I am a novice in this downloading business.


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I don’t like to download anything on the internet since most of these sites have spyware on them. I don’t want to have one since I don’t have anti-spyware on my computer.

I’m buying my music from music stores nearby.


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Hi Postman,

I agree that you do need to be careful with viruses and spyware however why don't you simply install a free anti virus or anti spyware program. It only takes a few moments to download and install it.


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I have also used Zone Alarm in the past and it does indeed do a decent job. You could also try the free version of AVG for example or do the free online virus scan of Trend Micro.


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I prefer to buy music from music stores. I am afraid to download the music from the internet after I had a lot of problems with Internet viruses.


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wasn't this topic about where you get your music from?

RaghavK, I tend to get sidetracked easily. :D

Whether you have a good antivirus is important to those who download music from the internet. So there's not too much sidetracking going on right now. ;)

In answer Karma's original question: yes, I use the legal method and pay for my music.


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I can see that :)

as far as the question is concerned..I too buy music most of the times..but I do not think my entire collection is paid for..


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I would not even know where I could purchase most of the music I am into. I live in Thailand at the moment and the English music selection in the store is generally limited to pop music.


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I have the strong feeling that it is time to ask: do you pay for your movies? But I'm afraid that I have the same answer. I am afraid of the viruses, that is why I purchase my beloved movies.


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The Pirate Bay is a website where some people get their music for free. Today, I read that the four founders of The Pirate Bay each received a one-year imprisonment term for helping consumers illegally download online music and film. The founders were also ordered to pay a total of $3.6 million compensation to companies such as Warner Brothers, Columbia, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony BMG and EMI.

The people who have shared files on Pirate Bay have broken copyright laws, the court said. By providing a Web site enabling users to share files, The Pirate Bay founders have facilitated crimes committed by site users and are therefore guilty of contributing to a crime, it said. The men were also aware that copyrighted material was shared, the court said.

Due to the somewhat questionable legal status of these file-sharing websites, I've never used them. However, I wonder if regular users of such sites will be deterred by this latest court decision. There are many other sites out there similar to The Pirate Bay. What do you think?
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