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There are many people who call themselves domain brokers. It’s an easy business to get into, and the self-regulated nature of the business makes it pretty easy for someone to say “I am a domain broker,” without much pushback from anyone. Of course, there is a big difference between good domain brokers with experience and others who don’t have experience, but that’s a different topic.

I recently received an inquiry email from someone claiming to be a domain broker working on behalf of a buyer. Their email address used a custom domain name, and since I had never heard of the person before, I visited the domain name. I was not impressed. I didn’t respond to the email, and it was deleted.

This should be common sense, but legitimate domain brokers should have a website with information about them and the services they provide. It should include information about domain names they previously sold and/or client references. The website doesn’t necessarily have to be anything fancy, but it should provide information to reassure prospective clients and counterparties that they are legitimate.

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