Copyright OFFICE or SCAM-NETWORK? You Decide!

today hunting for copyright information in india..
i see google advertisement.. click the link and land to

now comes the shocking parts:
>they register copyright for $31.. while the original US website takes $35 for efiling and $65 for paper filing + etc charges.
>they do not have any client portfolio.. despite they have 50+ websites on the same business.. yes that includes where they register copyright for Euro 31.. can you see, the currency changes but the price tag and design and all is same.. its a network of websites doing the same job.
>the website says "Copyright Office India" as if it belongs to the indian govt. ;) it also says "Copyright .in is the Indian leader on Copyright On-Line Service.".. now if you goto the website .. it says "Copyright .be est le leader Européen du dépôt de copyright en ligne.".. which if you translate from French to English using google translator, it says "Copyright. Be is the European leader of the filing of copyright online." .. wow they are the leaders in copyright everywhere in the globe ;) .. really impressive ;)
>a chat box pops up and an operator starts chatting with you.. another impressive thing to note ;)
>if you visit their contact page there you will see that this "leader" website is based in france and its whois shows that its registered with and using the contact details instead of their genuine office contact details.

so the homework for you all guys is to find the rest 48 websites(because i already found out 2 out of 50) of this scammer company who thinks everybody in this internet is stupid.

also tell everybody.. especially that you heard that they are offering Copyright services from their office and they are "leaders" of copyright registration both in INDIA and EUROPE.. also tell that they should stop letting scammers register such premium domains like which should belong to GOVT.OF INDIA as because its showing the tag "Copyright Office India" meaning its something official body of the govt.

letme know what you think of this.. or have you used their services before.. looks like these days i have a lot of free time for such discoveries.
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