Competition Commission of India regarding Google's unfair practices in India


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Has any other webmaster or domain investor on this forum been asked by the Competition Commission of India for the views of the unfair practices adopted by Google to destroy their business?

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We have been subjected to surveillance resulting in human rights abuses, identity theft and fake reference scam, theft of correspondence, cheating and exploitation, hacking of computers in the last few years, and have reason to believe that Google may be involved/instigating powerful officials to create problems for us, wasting tax payer money. Would like to know if any other company/individual has complained.


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It would be interesting to see what the CCI decides on this. However, IMHO it is not unfair practice. Google is neither a government welfare entity nor a charity. It is just a business like any yellow pages (or telephone directory) publisher - they have free entries and then they have premium paid entries that are bold or highlighted or having images and then they also have advertisements ranging from a few square centimeters to whole pages. And then they distribute the information free, just like the yellow pages (or telephone directory). They are not forcing the public to use their directory. Anyone can gather information and publish a directory and (try to) become as popular as google! BTW, I hate them as much as you do :mad:


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It is not a matter of creating a related product or service which competes, it involves defaming and destroying a potential rival financially, making collaboration impossible. The business is put under surveillance for no valid reason, to steal all information, especially leads which are in direct competition with Google Adwords. The retirement savings, documents of twenty years of the webmaster are also stolen, and she is subjected to repeated identity theft attempts, with various well connected lazy young cheaters falsely claiming to have her experience, qualification and investment.
A cheater greedy liar young medical electronics diploma holder from goa who commits corporate espionage on the webmaster instead of being punished, allegedly gets appointed to a very important government job with fake references of experience, and now steals all important correspondence to become very rich overnight.
Powerful officials are instigated allegedly by Google to falsely claim that their various inexperienced young girlfriends have the experience of the webmaster to appoint them to important government jobs at the expense of the webmaster, and now are creating a nuisance, making it difficult to earn a living.
They also falsely claim that their girlfriends are involved in the webmasters business without doing anything, to steal assignments which the webmaster and engineer should have got. Computers, accessories, mobiles are hacked repeatedly causing financial losses. Bangalore cybercrime cell refuses to register a case against a cheater nayanshree hathwar who looted the webmaster of more than Rs 1.1 lakh.

Useful Information » Blog Archive » Filing a case against Google at Competition commission of India
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