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    My Dear Sartaj-


    Your Punjabipedia.com is really unique domain. It will sell, you have to have patience. Because in domain investment activity, patience is must.However
    just look at my following top-twenty serious money panjabi/Indian domains. If you are domain invester , it is very good investment opportunity for good future profits in punjabi domains.

    1. AishyPatha.com
    2. BabeDiFullKirpa.com
    3. ChahShah.com
    4. DholVajda.com
    5. DilDaHaal.com
    6. DomainDuaar.com
    7. DesiDomainer.com
    8. Gutergoon.com / eGutergoon.com
    9. HarGalPush.com / MainuPush.com
    10. iSahyog.com
    11. KapraLatta.com
    12. Kujvi.com / Kushvi.com
    13. LalDupatta.com
    14. MainuPush.com
    15. Linkeshwar.com ( Repurposed from: Lankeshwar)
    16. Punjabo.com
    17. RoulaRuppa.com
    18. SammanWaliDaang.com
    19. SanjogiMele.com
    20. SareGao.com
    21. Unglian.com
    22. Webanjali.com
    23. NikShuk.com
    24. YogaStation.com
    25. YogaBlessYou.com
    The whole lot goes cheap just for $ 25000. If interested in individual
    domain , an individual price will apply. Let me know if you or your
    friends are interested to buy. Or just advertise these domains on your
    website and get 25% commission from sales proceeds of each domain
    sold. Thanks for your time. I appreciate your interest in punjabi domains.
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