CNNIC Warning! More details inside!

fellow domainers,
recently CNNIC the registry for China's .CN CCTLD has deleted many premium domains like, etc but the warning is that they had deleted them because of a new CNNIC rule that "any domain or site showing porn or adult or content which is not good for society" is not allowed! so i want to warn you people to not to jump to register this time because you will loose your money as well as the domain as it will have no resale value and CNNIC will again delete its ownership from your name! so dont waste your money in .cn domains unless you read their policies clearly!

@jeff, this should be made sticky so that people come to know whats happening!

they have some new officers on top who have changed the CNNIC policy and they are deleting all adult & porn .cn domains and banning adult websites from being accessed through china.
thats the only reason why they deleted the existing and all other premium domains and they put forward their new rule!
if you dont believe me then read their rules and then try registering and then see it deleted by CNNIC in front of your eyes!

for your question i believe that china is a social republic and they need to take care of people so if there are too many people then their expenses rises, so i believe thats the only reason why they dont want to have sex and such sites also they have introduced a new law thought china that anybody can have max 2 kids and if they have a third kid, then it will belong to the government and government can take him from his parents!
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I think the .cn space is far too risky to invest in. Even Chinese prefer to invest in .com rather than .cn.

There has always been a deletion danger for .cn domains. China regularly deletes .cn domains fairly arbitrarily, even non-adult names. You don't get a refund when this happens.

There have even been stories of .cn domains being deleted and then someone else with good political connections registering the domain and not getting the domain deleted (eg the Chinese equivalent of

Also, I believe that parking a .cn is not permitted.

There are restrictions on .cn ownership too - they don't really want foreign individuals owning them.

Also, if they find that you own hundreds of .cn domains, they will consider you a cybersquatter and you risk losing all of your domains.

Basically .cn is too risky to put any money into.
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