best place to sell domains?


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which is the best place to sell and buy domain names? I know sedo, because it has just too many parked pages saying that websites are for sale. Any other website to check out for?


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I want a better place than sedo. I know they charge huge chunks of money to make it sold. I do not trust them. I want some other links too. I heard that we can sell it in ebay.How far are they reliable? I have got lots of domain names. somebody post any links here.


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Thanks for the list Jeff, but as descorpio pointed out, SEDO is not a good place to sell if you have less domain's and that too of lesser values. sedo would be better for LLL and LLLLs I suppose.


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If you park at Sedo, their commission is only 10% - there is no minimum commission.

Yes, I don't like Sedo either :-( but for low to medium value domains, they've pretty much got a monopoly, except for the forums.

I'm not sure that selling at Ebay makes sense - there's too much potential for getting ripped off.


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ebay is a vulnerable marketplace for domain names and similar stuff. People fall into traps there more easily.


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According to my experience, if you want to sell your domain to an end user, try Afternic or Greatdomains otherwise go to domainState or DNForum.


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