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Like the title says - I will set up an automated wordpress site for a low fee of $25 per site. Exact details of what comes with this service is listed below:

1. Wordpress 2.8.4 Installation on your domain
2. Install a wordpress theme of your choice or you can let me know the specs of the theme you require (2 or 3 column, colour, widget ready, adsense ready, etc) and I'll find a theme for you.
2. Install necessary plugins (Automated content plugin, SEO plugin, Contact Form, Privacy Policy, Sitemap)
3. Setup search engine friendly URL's
4. Setup categories for your blog
5. Setup the automated plugin to post articles/news based on your site's niche

Anything additional other than what I've listed above will be an additional charge. I can also setup adsense and do some basic SEO work. If you decide on a widget ready theme, setting up adsense is very simple and you won't need my help.

What I require from you if you wish to avail this service:
Title of your website:
What you want on the site (news, articles, etc...):
Theme specs (2 or 3 column, colour, etc):
Domain name:
cPanel username and password: (This is only for initial site setup, password must be changed after the automated site is complete and handed over)
Email ID you want to use for the contact form:

Some of my automated sites:

Please post here or PM me if you have any questions. I guarantee quality work.

Thanks for looking.
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