.app 'SUNRISE' Opens this Thu (Mar 29) / .APP is Owned/Operated By 'Google Registry' / AlphaBET Inc.


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During the 'SUNRISE' Phase - domain names using the 'New TLD' .APP may ONLY be Registered By Trademark Holders who have had their Trademark(s) Registered in the the CENTRALISED, Global, TM Database >> trademark-clearinghouse.com

The .APP 'New TLD' is Owned / Operated By 'Google Registry' / AlphaBET, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL)

"Here are the important dates to be aware of:

Mar 29 - May 1: Trademark holders can register .app domains (known as the "Sunrise" period).

May 1 - May 8: Anyone can register available .app domains for an extra fee (known as the "Early Access" period).

May 8 and onwards: Anyone can register available .app domains (known as “General Availability").

Please note that a claims period will run indefinitely, during which trademark owners will receive notification when their marks are registered as domains."


www.registry.google >> Excerpts >>

Expanding the Online Frontier

Welcome to Google’s domain registry.

We’re really excited about the domains we’ll be offering.

The Internet has always been first and foremost about self-expression, and the dawn of this era of hundreds of new domains marks one of the most unpredictable moments in the history of a highly unpredictable medium.

.EDU has always meant education, .GOV government, .ORG non-profits.

Today's new domains are infinitely more open-ended.

There will be new homes for creativity, for business, for explorers, comedians and professionals.

What will .HOW mean? .EAT? .SOY?

We have our ideas, but how you develop your piece of this online real estate is up to you.

Whether you're a dad or a traveler, a developer or a movie maker, a Japanese speaker or a tour guide, the web, happily, is what you make of it.

Become a partner [ https://www.registry.google/about/partners.html ]

Google's Domains

Google is planning on being the registry for many new top level domains including these.




Launch details for .app

March 1, 2018

We are currently in the process of launching our fourth open top-level domain, .app, a more secure domain for apps.

From games to news to education to business, .app is the perfect home to promote apps on the web.

The .app domain is a great place to showcase a unique and trustworthy destination.

If you’re interested in carrying .app domains, you can download our RRA here. [ http://registry.google/about/rra/app/crr-rra-app-form.pdf ]


For now we will be exclusively focusing on launching .app.

We are continuing to work on plans for .dev, which shall be launched at a future time.

Stay tuned for more details if you’re interested in carrying .dev!


The Full Page >> www.registry.google
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