1. anquest

    Google's .DEV up 4X to 66K DN Regs, Google Registry's TLD Portfolio TOPS 450K DN Regs (1stTimeEver)

    (BTW, As many folks know, Google's Parent, AlphaBET, Inc. is still using a NON Google Registry TLD for its Primary, 'Anchor' URL/website address >> https://abc.xyz This leads to a page that has a statement signed by Larry Page >> "As Sergey and I wrote in the original founders...
  2. anquest

    Google Registry .DEV Sunrise ENDS Tue, Feb 19, 3:59 pm GMT. Early Access (9 Days) Begins 1 Min Later

    Google Registry's .dev (dotDEV), Last Couple of Days that Trademark Holders - w. Their Trademark(s) Submtd./Entd. Into the Global, Centralized, TM Database ( trademark-clearinghouse.com ) - Get RIGHT of FIRST REFUSAL To Register .DEV domain names Usg. their Trademark(s) @ $18.99 (~INR 1,355) Per...
  3. anquest

    .app 'SUNRISE' Opens this Thu (Mar 29) / .APP is Owned/Operated By 'Google Registry' / AlphaBET Inc.

    During the 'SUNRISE' Phase - domain names using the 'New TLD' .APP may ONLY be Registered By Trademark Holders who have had their Trademark(s) Registered in the the CENTRALISED, Global, TM Database >> trademark-clearinghouse.com The .APP 'New TLD' is Owned / Operated By 'Google Registry' /...

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