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Ron Jackson >> The DN Journal Weekly List of the TOP 20 Sales >> >>

RON >>

"You are about to get a much clearer look at what has been happening in the domain aftermarket. Jeff Gabriel, the Vice President of Sales at Uniregistry (which, as of last week, combines the brokerage operations of DomainNameSales and Uniregistry Market into one entity) has given me access to thousands of previously unreleased sales totaling nearly $42 million that stretch back to early February of 2015 (those represent only about half of their sales in that time frame with the rest subject to non disclosure)."

A Nice 'FLIP'

RON: ..."Michael Mann's DomainMarket scoring with #15 at $39,000 (a domain Michael said he picked up for just $12 in 2012!)."

(Up 3,249X >> 324,800% >> In Just 4 Years!! ) | (CONGRATS to Michael!!)


'New TLD' / 'nTLD' Sales via

Descargar.GRATIS $20,000 | Stock.PHOTO $16,000 | 8.LINK $14,500 | Med.HELP $10,000

Wedding.GIFT $8.5K [...] E.GIFT $8K | I.CLICK $8K [...]


[ The Full List of nTLD Sales can be viewed at >> ]

nTLD Sales via other Venues/DN Sales Platforms >>

Silicon.CAPITAL $5K ( via ) | Boss.CLUB $5K (via EJEE)

Brain.CLUB $3K / Entrepreneurs.CLUB $3K ( Both via )

F.CLUB $15,455 | 97.CLUB $5,758 (Both via Chengdu West)

Friendship.CLUB $2K (via Key-Systems) | Kiwi.CLUB $1,990 (via United-Domains AG)

Brands.CLUB $1,691 (via Enom)

Some ccTLD Sales:

FIX.ES $1,110 (via Nidoma)

(Nice 'Domain Hack' for the word 'fixes' using the ccTLD for Spain / Espana)

RON >> brokered the $4,999 sale of MORNI.NG

(Nice 'Domain Hack' for the word 'morning' using the ccTLD for Nigeria)

RON: ..."you can look up the nation each extension goes with here." [ ]

Percentage of .COMS among this week's ALL-TLD TOP 20:

Thu, Jun 2 = 17 out of 20 = 85%

Sat, Jun 18 = 33 out of 40 = 82.50%

(40 entries - since this report covered 2 Weeks of DN Sales Data (as there was no report published the week prior))

Thu, Jun 23 = 17 out of 20 = 85%

Thu, Jun 30 = 11 out of 20 = 55%

Fri, Jul 8 = 16 out of 20 = 80%

Fri, Jul 15 = 23 out of 25 = 92% (25 entries - due to a 6-way 'Tie' at #20)

(Dates are as per the prevailing local time in India)

-------------------------------------------------------------------- excerpts:

Uniregistry Dominates This Week's Domain Sales Chart After Unveiling Massive Vault of Unreleased Transactions

By Ron Jackson


[...] Uniregistry/DNS [...] their top priority, as you would expect to be, has been building the company into an aftermarket powerhouse that complements its registry and monetization operations.

Gabriel is justly proud of not only how far they've come but how they have done it, noting, “The best part about many of these sales is that they are commissionable for our clients (15%), and those who have used our self brokered product for free!”

[...] From day one when I started tracking the aftermarket in 2003, I knew the column would need to be kept at a manageable length that could be produced within a couple of days each week. That's why I decided to track .com sales (that still have the lion's share of the market) starting at $2,000 and all other TLDs starting at $1,000. [...]


If sales from previous years come to light we add any that qualify for the applicable year's Year to Date Top 100 Chart (all years are available in our Archive) but generally do not add lesser ones. The rare exceptions are when we get a huge amount of valuable data at once (such as in 2012 when Marchex gave us their top 500 all time sales) - in which case we add a special document in the Archive with those sales. [...] We will handle Uniregistry's 11 months worth of 2015 sales in the same way - those that qualify will go on the 2015 YTD Top 100 chart and we will release the others in a special document that will be linked to from this column by the end of the month [...]

[...] six months worth of 2016 sales from Uniregistry [...] Parceling them out in what will be digestible bites for me will also help keep other venues from getting completely drowned out in the flood of Uniregistry data. Uniregistry will still have a very high profile as these sales get charted but these things all balance out over time - they had almost no chart visibility for the past 17 months even though they were obviously racking up a lot of sales. For all of us it is great to get this information whenever it comes out and I am very appreciative of everyone who contributes to this report whenever they wish to do so.

[...] A pair of six-figure sales from Uniregistry [...] are at $225,000 [...] also ranks among the ten biggest sales reported so far in 2016.



[ Ron's full article - including the complete, weekly list of the DN Journal TOP 20 Sales - with the added bonus of a large portion of the (Previously Unreleased) Uniregistry / Sales from FEB 2015 onwards:

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Most of the gtld sales have already been reported particularly those from the recent domain conference where all the high value gtld sales were registry sales so this is simply not correct.


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