3,159 Euro Paid In Greece For Forwarding 3 Domain Names?


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The municipality of Samos, a Greek island in the Aegean sea, paid 3,159 Euro for a 5-minute job assignment. The price included Greek 24% VAT tax.

Specifically they paid Andreas Skalkos (e-samos) to forward 3 domain names (vathi.gr, vathi.org, samos.gov.gr) to the domain name islandofsamos.gr.

The contract was published on the Greek government website that is dedicated to provide publicity to all government contracts: diavgeia.gov.gr.

The job was to login into the control panel of the hosting provider and point the 3 domain names to the main website. That is maybe 5 minutes of work.

Well, they paid a hell of a money for this 5 minute assignment. And people wonder why Greece is having such an economy!!
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