2010 Inventor of the Year Award goes to INDIAN for QR Codes ( Mobile Barcodes)....


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You see two dimensional barcodes like QR Codes everywhere – in malls, newspapers, magazines, and on store signs. Though Quick Response (QR) codes have been around since the mid-90s, there has been a sudden revival of these codes in the present day.
Pradeep has been catalyzing many transactional solutions around this technology for years. Headquartered at Stamford, Connecticut, Pitney Bowes is a provider of integrated mail and document management systems, services, and solutions.
For his United States Patent No. 7,774,283, entitled Method and System for Using a Camera Cell Phone in Transactions – Das won the 2010 Pitney Bowes Inventor of the Year Award.
With Das’ patent, one can use a camera in mobile devices to take pictures of two dimensional codes (like QR codes), decode it, and use it for various business transactions as these codes contain intelligent information that can direct the transaction.
Asian Scientist Magazine had the opportunity to interview this digital innovator earlier this month after pbSmartCodes was unveiled at the DMA in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Asian Scientist: 2D Barcode Transaction Inventor, Pradeep Das Of Pitney Bowes
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