Sedo: Number Of Sold Domains Is On A Steady Decline Since 2010


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I searched and found the number of sold domains for the first half of each year from 2010 up to 2016. (2015 and 2016 were done manually and have 26 weeks each but have 1-2 weeks added from a previous year to make it exactly at 26 weeks.)

Year # Of Sold Domains
2010 23088
2011 21208
2012 19182
2013 19788
2014 16216
2015 14751
2016 14149
So the number of sold domains at Sedo is on a steady decline since 2010. All years except 2013 are worse than the previous.

2016 is down 38,7% compared to 2010.

In 2014 Sedo had a big drop of about 18% compared to 2013. (Was that because of the mass adoption of the platform that initially launched in late 2012? If I remember correctly I moved most of my domains from Sedo to DNS in June 2013.)

The first half of 2016 has seen a boost from the newly introduced auctions. (Anyone can start an auction for any domain name at Sedo since July 2015) So 2016 in down only 4,1% compared to 2015.

But the slowdown in the decline in 2016 was also from the Chinese effect that is ending. (The biggest Chinese buying period was the second half of 2015 that is not measured in this article as I only counted the first half of each year.)

The past 10 weeks of 2016 are down 14,5% compared to the same 10 weeks of 2015. (5073-5929 sold domains)

The number of sales above $2,000 is seeing an even bigger decline of 22,8% for these 10 weeks. (679-879 sold domains) (Sedo started in 2016 only reporting sales about $2,000 instead of above $700 in the previous years.)



Isn't it also because the number of keywords which can be transformed into domains are decreasing? I feel that lately I found websites using dashes or less popular TLDs for their domains, possibly because the market is so saturated that finding good names is not as easy as before.


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