1&1 SCAM, Stay Away


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I bought some domains from 1&1, which they were offering at .99 cents, Hence better deal, I was ok with the delayed admission of domain in my account, suddenly one day i got a notice of $9 for single domain, To escape, i blocked the Debit Card as this would have cost less than $9,

Then they apologised for the act and asked me for new Bank details, which i refused to share due to past experiences, but i asked for any Net Banking option to i can make 99 cents payment,

But on this they refused, and they took away the domain from my account, which i accepted as it was better than to share bank details,

Now i got a notice of late payment due of $19 for the domain which is not in my account.

Only Message, Stay Away. Specially Indian Bhailog.. Chutzpah hogya


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1&1 is the most shady company. Stay away, I had hosting with them and they would not cancel my hosting through email (because I could not locate where I can cancel hosting on their website; canceling their service is NOT straight forward). 1&1 sent recovery agents behind me to get $30 or so on hosting cost.

Search online and I'm not the only one with bad experience,.
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