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A portfolio of 1000 Indian geo domains is being brokered individually through eBusiness Domains. Even if you are not buying yet, it is worth it to look at the domains listed in this portfolio.

I’m not involved with the seller or broker, but cannot help being awed by this collection.

The live link:
Indian Geo Domains | Premium Indian Geo Domains for Sale | Generic and premium Geo-Targeted Domain Names Relating to Indian Cities

Lots of ideas available from looking at this portfolio.

What do you think of the domains on offer here? Rate the collection in the poll here, with 10 being the best.
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Is it just being brokered by eBusiness? It looks to me like there may be a second broker as well?

These are really good domains, but they strike me as ones that should primarily be marketed to end users rather than domainers.


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I say it's a 10. Jeff, I do think it's only one broker. However, some did catch my eye, and that's saying something! I actually bought one for $300.00 thought it was awesome. Resold it for $500.00! I'll make sure to probably pick more up!


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Yes, their prices are good and there is something in the porfolio for everyone.

Instead of the rubbish we see being pushed by newcomers to the industry, newcomers would be better off investing in a handful from this portfolio and developing the domains -- which can be done cheaply using Indian developers of course.


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