1. esel

    Why there are many sites closed?

    Probably this is the most normal question you guys have seen, but the same pop up in my mind just after seeing the "review forum" here. I was looking few sites to add my review here Few of the first in the list, I saw the sites are not...
  2. johnnywj


  3. johnnywj


  4. domainking131

    What is Quality Traffic?

    Domain owners often confuse quality as being a measurement of the level of real human versus bot traffic. On the other hand, advertisers define quality as traffic that converts for them. Who is right and are these sensible definitions for quality? Recognised versus unrecognised traffic is the...
  5. domainking131

    A guide to boosting organic click through rates

  6. domainking131

    Direct traffic is No. 1 in China

    Numbers don’t lie. They tell you direction, and the direction is up. I’m talking about the importance and therefore the value of domain names in China. Baidu has released the latest (April) numbers on how Internet users come to a website, and the trend is very favorable to domain names. VISIT...
  7. domainking131

    Video will be 75 per cent of India’s internet traffic in 2020: Study

    In India, total Internet video traffic will be 75 per cent of all Internet traffic in 2020, up from 51 per cent in 2015. The report says in five years India’s Internet traffic will be the equivalent of 12 billion DVDs per year, 1 billion DVDs per month or 1 million DVDs per hour. The annual...
  8. domainking131

    Study: Keyword-rich domains get more clicks

    Study shows that domains with keywords matching a search query get more clicks. Verisign has published the results of a study showing that keyword-rich domain names matching a search query are more likely to get clicked in search results. For example, if someone searches for “How do I create a...

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