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Domain owners often confuse quality as being a measurement of the level of real human versus bot traffic. On the other hand, advertisers define quality as traffic that converts for them. Who is right and are these sensible definitions for quality?

Recognised versus unrecognised traffic is the ratio of the views over the URLs for a domain name. Remember views are what the parking companies report while URLs are the unfiltered raw traffic for a domain. This is also the measurement of how much traffic is effectively dropped by a parking company as they deem it either a bot or unacceptable for one or another reason. The assumption is the greater the ratio of views to URLs the better the traffic quality.

A user clicks on an advertising link.

A domain with a high Click Through Rate (CTR) suggests there is an appropriate match between the traffic (ie. Users) and what is being displayed. The user is enticed to click on an advertisement to find out more information.

If the user was interested in games and the page had mortgage advertisements, then there is a mismatch and the CTR would reflect a lower number.

User Pays for the Shopping Cart

The advertiser only earns money when the user puts their hand in their pocket and actually pays for the shopping cart. Without this singular event no advertiser would ever buy any advertising. This is one of the reasons why advertisers regard converting traffic as quality traffic.

If we were to take these steps and create a mathematical formula, then it would look something like this:

URLs X Parking Filter = Views

Views x CTR X Click on Specific advertisement = Traffic to advertiser website

Traffic to advertiser X % Who Complete Purchase action = Shopping cart filled

Shopping cart filled X % of people that pay = sale

This is just an excerpt from the article and the complete article may be found here
In my opinion, the quality traffic means the human beings who are looking for specific products or services that a website provides.


I agree that quality traffic for us would mean actual visitors who convert to customers or who are at least interested in the product or service that we offer and turn into potential leads.


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I believe that you can look at this in both ways. Quality traffic can be both human vs bot and also as that traffic that converts for an advertiser. Either way, it does not matter whether or not a sale is made immediately; the same people can always come back in future.


Quality traffic is that which brings high conversion rates through human searches. You can have quality content on your site, but if it doesn't convert readership into sales, it' not "quality". Not in the business sense.
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That actually makes more sense to me, Connected. I've only ever thought of this one way and never really considered it from a different point of view but when you get to the bottom of it, it's all about sales otherwise there is no business.


I saw somewhere that the very first website in the history of the internet was essentially a sales site. And if I'm not mistaken, it's still active It's always been about sales here in Googleville.


I thought quality traffic depended on how the site was monetised, because it is basically traffic that makes money for the site. A CPM or PPV site gets paid per views, so any traffic that isn't bot driven and gets counted as a live view earns money and is quality traffic. A CPC site only gets paid for clicks, so the clicks are valuable, and a site that is sales driven regards quality traffic as traffic that converts to sales.


Of course it's about sales. That's the bottom line, really. What else would be driving the internet and the websites on it other than making the most money in the most cost effective way?


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