1. promo sale|Start from 22 September 2021

    Start from today ( 22 September 2021 ) on promo sale we have 245 . xyz This will be a huge promo sale Any domain name from our portfolio will have a Special PROMO sale price ( maybe the same price as is now 245 . xyz ) Once the 245 . xyz is sold we will put a special promo price for another...
  2. OrderDomains In Auction On Sedo. Reserve Price Already Met. Bid Now Before It's Too Late.

    Howdy y'all, Reserve price for has already been met on Sedo. To place a bid, please click here. If you have any questions or concerns, I'm only a friendly private message away. Thank you very much. YeeHaaw!
  3. OrderDomains - a valuable 5 letter .com domain name in auction. Reserve price has already been met.

    Howdy y'all, I have my domain name in auction on Sedo. Please click here to be taken directly to the auction. Reserve price has already been met. Less than 3 days left to the auction. Bid now before it's too late. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions...
  4. ajf7688

    40 .in domains for $399 bulk sale
  5. OrderDomains


  6. ajf7688

    40 domains for sale inc,,,,

  7. D

    Hello, ( Currency coin ) Registration date : 2005-02-21 Expiry date: 2019-02-21 Payment: Paypal, Bank Transfer Taking offers for premium dictionary single word domain with some good value for crypto coin business as well. Please do not send a few...
  8. OrderDomains and More.

    Howdy y'all, I have the following premium domain names in pre-release on NameJet. If you would...
  9. OrderDomains in Auction on TDNAM. Starting Bid: ONLY $25 USD.

    You are bidding on the classic domain name called Auction is taking place on TDNAM. You can frequent the auction by clicking here. is registered at GoDaddy and expires on 03/03/2018. If you have any questions, I'm only a click or two away. Thank you...
  10. dStar


    B/E/C/H/I/P/S/.COM Is Now Available For Sale @ SEDO (Link-Click Here) Or Feel Free to Comment / PM me your Offer Thank-you
  11. M for Sale on Flippa

    Hi! Check out our auction on for the following group of domains.
  12. S


    For sale PMs pls if interested.
  13. OrderDomains for ONLY $150. (Great domain name for a dating site.)

    Howdy y'all, I am selling for ONLY $150 USD. This is a great domain name for a dating site. List singles in the USA and categorize them by which ever State they dwell in. The first person to private message me with the word "Sold," the domain name is theirs. I will then...
  14. V

    Lot of .IN domains for sale each at $2 (like

    The following domains expiring soon in Name .COM. and I dont have sufficient fund to renew by now. So Take any domain at $2 each Will Toss it to register. Payment-Paypal or Paytm for User from India
  15. OrderDomains - Great Catchy Domain Name for a Marijuana Site.

    Howdy y'all, I have my domain name in auction on Flippa. To place a bid, please click here. Now that marijuana is legal for sale in several states in the USA, these specific niche domain names are skyrocketing in price. Here is the opportunity to bid on a rare and catchy...
  16. OrderDomains - The domain name speaks for itself - Campaign time!

    Howdy y'all, I have my domain name in auction on Flippa. To place a bid, please click here. Now is the perfect time to create a campaign with a domain name that speaks to everyone. Bid on a rare and incredible domain name before it's too late. Please click here to...
  17. Z Domains For Sale including

    Following Domains Are For Sale : 1. 2. 3. 4. Please give you best offer
  18. N

    6 in domains available for $13

    selling following 6 domains for total $13 all are registered till 8-10 months atleast mid 2017. let me know if you are interested to buy payment neft or paypal
  19. wess12

    lot of .in domains for sale

    hey guys, have a lot here of .in domains available from 101domain (godaddy) (1and1) (this is a 63domain, meaning it cannot be another...
  20. Charan Raj For Sale

    I am Selling For Rs.40k Amount Can be Reduced . This Domain Can Be Used for Forums , Blog etc . This Domain Name has Lots of Potential To Do . I Accept Payment From IMPS , NEFT etc Interested ppl PM Me . Price Can be Negotiable

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