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hey guys,

have a lot here of .in domains available from 101domain

www.backslash.in (godaddy)

www.blackbear.in (1and1)





www.ininininininininininininininininininininininininininininininin.in (this is a 63domain, meaning it cannot be another longer domain than this one for .in domains)

www.ininininininininininininininin-ininininininininininininininin.in (this is another 63domain, with the hyphen separating 15 .in s on each side)





please make your offers by pm for the lot or indviduals and I will post sold when one occurs. All of them are registered until at least next summer 2017. Thank you. (if you want an idea about your offer, I'm thinking 750 for all of them) also, will push to the registrars they are at eg 2nl.in is at 101 domain so it would be pushed to 101 domain. Thank you.
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