1. Gaurav

    LLL.in lot on offer | Reseller Price

    EPQ.IN FQR.IN FQX.IN DYQ.IN Price - $50 each or $180 for the lot. Expiry on all names - Nov 2020 Registrar: INDYADOT Payment method - PayPal, NEFT, UK or US bank transfer. Thanks
  2. shadow_domains

    My first LLL.in purchase via Auction @ DaaZ.com

    Recently I came across the new domain name marketplace DaaZ.com from fellow domainer and I decided to explore it since they launched a beta version last week. While listing my domain names in DaaZ.com, I noticed a three letters .IN domain ‘QJA.IN’ is listed in auction with low reserve price...
  3. Gaurav

    Lot of 20 LLL.in names on offer (Liquidation price)

  4. Gaurav


  5. Gaurav

    WYW.in & TZO.in

    WYW.in (Whatever you want) TZO.in Registrar: Bruwink Expires On: 2019-06-02 BIN for the lot $270 Will consider close offers. thanks
  6. Gaurav


  7. Gaurav


  8. Gaurav


  9. Gaurav


  10. Gaurav


  11. Gaurav


    HOF.in (100% pronounceable & brandable) House of furniture House of Fun Hall of fame Registered since 2010 Registrar: Dynadot Expiry - 2020-05-04 Price - $500 Payment method - NEFT, PayPal, UK bank transfer thanks
  12. Gaurav

    LLL.in wanted

    WTB western premium LLL.in names Requirement - 5 names, bulk deal preferred Budget - upto $200 per Domain Payment method - Paypal, Escrow, IMPS Please DM me the name along with current registrar & your asking price. thanks
  13. C

    Premiums LLL.in Wanted

    Hi, Looking for Premiums LLL.in and NNN.in, in case you have such names to sell for a small reward. We will be happy to hear.
  14. D

    qna(.)in, LLL.in for question and answers website

    qna(.)in LLL.in, abbreviation for Questions and answers, many applications Expiry date: May 4, 2018 Registrar: Mitsu Taking offers, already have received an offer of Rs 30000 Indian rupees for the domain name Payment : Paypal, Skrill,indian bank transfer, demand draft, cheque after clearing...
  15. Sedi

    LLL.IN .CO.IN Mot.co.in and Keq.in

    Price $350 US Both Registerar: whiz.in Renewals are at around 4-8 Per Domain Both Expires at 08th /January/2018 Payment Through: PayPal Listed for quick sale as i need some money
  16. NYK


    All sold
  17. NYK

    LLL.in x 21 for SALE

    $300 each or MAKE OFFER for BULK purchases All at GoDaddy, expire in 2018 Escrow Paypal for members with good rating. AYV.in A**.in - SOLD BGX.in BXV.in CXS.in JCX.in LCX.in N**.in OCX.in RXT.in R**.in - SOLD RZS.in SNY.in SWY.in SXH.in XJS.in XOE.in YLA.in YPA.in Y**.in -...
  18. NYK

    24 x LLL.in accepting offers

    LLL.in x24 - please PM your offer or post in thread -thanks Expiry 2018 at Godaddy AYV.in YSA.in RYA.in YLA.in YPA.in SNY.in BXV.in OCX.in AYW.in YWA.in AWY.in ZNE.in XOE.in NLX.in CXS.in RZS.in BGX.in RXT.in SWY.in SXH.in ZMG.in JCX.in LCX.in XJS.in
  19. steven962000

    LLL.in Chinese are buying them up

    LLL.in Have gone up in value over the past few years. Will they go up, in the near future? China owns 10.2% of the market, which means that the CHIPS game will be hard to start (CHIPS are LLL domains without a, e, i, o, u, and v letters). Source: http://our.in/lll-in-distribution-by-country/
  20. steven962000



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