1. D

    What is the market price for premium lll.in domains in 2022?

    I wish to sell a few of my premium lll.in domains, so I would like to find out the market price of these domains in 2022. Other than Daaz.com is there are any website where recent .in domain sales are listed ?
  2. DaaZ.com

    11 LLL.in domain names in auction with "No Reserve"

    It's a good opportunity to acquire short names for less prices. Have a look on domain names auction list: https://daaz.com/domain-marketplace-auction Qnd.in Vhz.in Bqo.in Zvr.in Yqs.in Zvc.in Sqw.in Uox.in Hzq.in Iqx.in Zfk.in
  3. Gaurav


    Domain on offer - FBR.in (All premium letters) Registrar: Dynadot LLC Expires On: 2021-11-04 Age - 11 years Price - $250 Payment method - PayPal, NEFT, UK/US bank transfer thanks
  4. B

    200-300 LLL.in domains for sale, Buy now and get the premiums

    Hold LLL domains is a best invest Take offer Please PM me or contact with Email: 8892729@qq.com Domain Registrar amq.in dynadot aqh.in dynadot aqj.in dynadot aqn.in dynadot aqy.in dynadot axw.in west.cn cdq.in west.cn cgq.in dynadot cqh.in west.cn cwv.in west.cn...
  5. Gaurav

    LLL.in lot on offer | Reseller Price

    EPQ.IN FQR.IN FQX.IN DYQ.IN Price - $50 each or $180 for the lot. Expiry on all names - Nov 2020 Registrar: INDYADOT Payment method - PayPal, NEFT, UK or US bank transfer. Thanks
  6. Sarfraz S

    My first LLL.in purchase via Auction @ DaaZ.com

    Recently I came across the new domain name marketplace DaaZ.com from fellow domainer and I decided to explore it since they launched a beta version last week. While listing my domain names in DaaZ.com, I noticed a three letters .IN domain ‘QJA.IN’ is listed in auction with low reserve price...
  7. Gaurav

    Lot of 20 LLL.in names on offer (Liquidation price)

  8. Gaurav


  9. Gaurav

    WYW.in & TZO.in

    WYW.in (Whatever you want) TZO.in Registrar: Bruwink Expires On: 2019-06-02 BIN for the lot $270 Will consider close offers. thanks
  10. Gaurav


  11. Gaurav


  12. Gaurav


  13. Gaurav


  14. Gaurav


  15. Gaurav


    HOF.in (100% pronounceable & brandable) House of furniture House of Fun Hall of fame Registered since 2010 Registrar: Dynadot Expiry - 2020-05-04 Price - $500 Payment method - NEFT, PayPal, UK bank transfer thanks
  16. Gaurav

    LLL.in wanted

    WTB western premium LLL.in names Requirement - 5 names, bulk deal preferred Budget - upto $200 per Domain Payment method - Paypal, Escrow, IMPS Please DM me the name along with current registrar & your asking price. thanks
  17. C

    Premiums LLL.in Wanted

    Hi, Looking for Premiums LLL.in and NNN.in, in case you have such names to sell for a small reward. We will be happy to hear.
  18. D

    qna(.)in, LLL.in for question and answers website

    qna(.)in LLL.in, abbreviation for Questions and answers, many applications Expiry date: May 4, 2018 Registrar: Mitsu Taking offers, already have received an offer of Rs 30000 Indian rupees for the domain name Payment : Paypal, Skrill,indian bank transfer, demand draft, cheque after clearing...
  19. Sedi

    LLL.IN .CO.IN Mot.co.in and Keq.in

    Price $350 US Both Registerar: whiz.in Renewals are at around 4-8 Per Domain Both Expires at 08th /January/2018 Payment Through: PayPal Listed for quick sale as i need some money
  20. NYK


    All sold

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