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    Recently I came across the new domain name marketplace from fellow domainer and I decided to explore it since they launched a beta version last week.

    While listing my domain names in, I noticed a three letters .IN domain ‘QJA.IN’ is listed in auction with low reserve price. Considering the demand and non-availability to hand register domain names, I tried to bid for mid $xx assuming it may get outbid by other domainers. Luckily I got email from later saying I won the auction for same amount I bid as there were no higher bidder for it as this platform is yet to get attention from the domainers community. Even surprised to hear from them that I am their first ever auction winner it seems!

    Thank you Team for smooth and swift transfer of domain name. Good luck for your new endeavour to develop a domainer friendly platform for us!

    Note: I listed the same domain there to explore how inbound sale works.. ;)
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    Glad to hear the good feedback! The platform looks promising.
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