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The Twitter For Internet Marketers eCourse is a free, online, 5-day course that teaches subscribers how to use Twitter to optimize their business results.

Subscribers receive an email message containing a link to a new lesson for 5 days in a row.

Inside every lesson of this ecourse subscribers will have access to basic information that will help them learn how to quickly harness the power of Twitter and use it to promote their Internet business to new heights! Every lesson comes with a little homework, some tasks that will help them to learn to use the power of Twitter to its fullest extend. Of course they're free to do, or not do these tasks.

(To create this ecourse, I used and edited a PLR report that is available on the market)

Several affiliate links have been integrated to provide visitors with related products and sites, and to make money for the site owner.


Works on complete autopilot
Once people subscribe, they will be sent links to the lessons on complete autopilot (you need to set up your autoresponder account to do so - full instructions and email messages will be provided)

UNIQUE design:

  • Unique header and footer image - will not be re-used
  • Click-attracting 'Follow me on Twitter' button to build your list of followers

Auto-updating Twitter widget
In the sidebar, a Twitter widget displays your latest tweets in order to attract more subscribers to join your list of followers. This widget is updated automatically and will always show your latest tweets.

Built-in viral Twitter traffic system
An easy-to-use 'Tweet This' form has been added to the sidebar (Powered by ViralTweetgenerator V2). This allows subscribers to share the link to the signup page on Twitter by entering their Twitter credentials and one simple click. This will keep the buzz on Twitter going...

Multiple built-in streams of income:
Both in the lessons as in the sidebar, several links and ads have been added.
o Clickbank links & banner ads
o Adsense ads
o PayPal affiliate programs

The site has been built with HTML, CSS & PHP


  • all site files
  • all email messages to load in an autoresponder
  • all graphics
  • twitterformarketerscourse.com domain name (free push via GoDaddy)
  • complete transfer- and setup guide
  • extra ebooks that'll show you how to drive traffic to your site

Revenue Details

There is no known revenue yet (Clickbank and PayPal affiliate ads weren't tracked).

Money can be made from:

  • Clickbank ads and links (sidebar and ecourse)
  • PayPal affiliate programs (sidebar and ecourse)
  • Adsense ads (sidebar)
  • Sending out promotional emails to subscribers
  • Sending out promotional messages to Twitter followers

Traffic Details

I've put just little effort in promoting the site (only started a buzz on Twitter). At this point there are 128 subscribers.

BIN: $400

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