World's cheapest car: Tata Nano


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This week saw the launch ceremony of India's ultra-cheap car, the Tata Nano.

The website must be getting a lot of visitors as it's been down each time I checked today. The website states it's experiencing heavy traffic - pun intended? :p

Here's an article that outlines the three versions of Nano, plus prices:

The Hindu Business Line : Nano wait is over

Who intends to buy one? Hmmh, I still remember my first beat-up car - a red Renault something or other... ;)


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Yes its a good news as far as Automobile industry is concern, but as far as India is concern it is the worst thing to happen.

Its time to think and develop the country and not a disaster. It would have been nice to see corporate companies getting together, put their finance, brains together and build better infrastructure, like better roads in the rural places, education, etc... etc.... India is already seeing traffic jams on the road and now no place to walk with such a cheap car...
Sorry not a good news for me.
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I am enthusiastic about the Nano. It's a huge win for India IMHO.

If you are in India or have been in India you know that many people use scooters to get around within cities. On weekends you see scooters with entire families. That means Dad is usually driving, Mom is on the back seat and as many as three kids are scrunched between them. This is a disaster waiting to happen. One small bump and someone gets injured or killed. The Nano lowers the risk of this kind of disaster.

In a Nano the entire family sits within the car. Road bumps and similar mishaps make it less likely someone (usually small kids) get injured. Nothing protects anyone 100%, but the added protection of the Nano makes life much better for the average family.

As far as criticism of use of infrastructure and resources, I find that kind of criticism very offensive. Many people from wealthier nations presume to know what India should do and how India should progress from its present economic stage to a higher economic stage. They give all sorts of 'environmentally friendly' advice. All this advice is given from a distance and all this advice is given while the advisors enjoy a higher economic level.

I am sure that India will find its way in a fashion unique to India to a better economy. I prefer to have India do things its own way and tell those effete critics to keep their high falluting ideas to themselves.


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Its time to think and develop the country and not disaster. It would have been nice to see corporate companies getting together, put their finance, brains together and build better infrascture, like better roads in the rural places, education, etc... etc.... India is already seeing traffic jams on the road and now no place to walk with such a cheap car...
Sorry not a good news for me.

Many think it's the government's job to build better roads in rural places, and not the job of corporate companies.

Realistically, I don't think the auto companies aren't going to concern themselves such things. They will concentrate on building their product, and then look to make a profit from their finished product.


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newyorkdude - Yes I agree with your point but lauching a cheapest car on the road would be a disaster(i stick to my point) - we will see when the time comes... Nano's will be replaced by Auto rickhaws, doodhwala will start delivery doodh in Nano's too ;-) no place to walk... we will see, traffic jam.... that's it.

Ceres - Yes I agree its the governments job to think about the infrastructure. I never said companies shouldn't be earning, but I am sure if the coporates get together and think - can the city really cope up with the traffic, how chaotic the situation will become.... ..............etc...

Let your thoughts pour in...

I am proud to be an Indian and a Mumbaite.


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can the city really cope up with the traffic, how chaotic the situation will become.... ..............etc...

Hi Hosting, if the traffic problem gets really bad, then perhaps India should introduce a congestion charge. For example, if you drive into the centre of London, England, you must pay a fee. The aim is to reduce traffic congestion in central London, which is terrible to say the least!

The fee has caused many drivers to leave their cars behind, take the bus, ride a bicycle, make less trips to central London etc. There are still many cars driving into central London, but less than before.

Unfortunately, traffic jams is a problem worldwide. It's one of the many reasons why I enjoy working from home here in Canada!


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I thought the word is Mumbaiker. Guess I'm wrong.

Will Nanos replace autorickshaws? If that happens, Italy will go bankrupt! (Most autorickshaws are Piaggio brand, which is an Italian company.)

If Nanos replace autos and delivery vehicles, Indian cities will evolve. You will see things you didn't expect. For example, they might tear some things down or widen roads. I don't know what will happen, but things will change. After all, before motorized autorickshaws roads were not all paved. Because of motorized vehicles roads have been paved. Things evolve. They always do.


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You may hate it. You may love it. Materialism is an extremely difficult force to stop.

I don't know if this was intended as a thought provoking post or not but it certainly got me thinking...

I agree with you completely. It's a very good point.

On the other hand, from my point of view, wanting a Nano doesn't seem very materialistic - having a vehicle to get around in, while not essential, makes life easier and opens up a lot more possibilities.
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