Why Freelance Platforms Need Improvements


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During the last couple of years, the freelancing market has boomed with millions of people giving up their day jobs and choosing to work from home in industries which they love.

However, finding a steady flow of work, unaffected by large commissions can be quite difficult in the current state of the market. In fact, centralized industry leaders, such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and Upwork charge large transaction fees, hence affecting the amount of profit freelancers make.

The problem lies with the high number of expensive middlemen facilitating transactions. To bring a fix to this issue and improve the freelancer market, StormX has rebranded its BitMaker application to Storm Play, and kicked off the integration of Blockchain technology within the app via STORM tokens.

With this in mind, Storm Play can be regarded as the foundational piece of the greater gamified micro-task marketplace.

At this time, the Storm Market focuses on user engagement gamified micro-tasks, but in the future, the company plans to create three different categories: promotional user engagement (Storm Play), shopping tasks (Storm Shop) and freelance gigs (Storm Gigs) including both micro-tasks and longer-term contracts.



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