Why ecommerce in India does not grow


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I had Few Bad experince during domain selling. Some of from my friends...
I trusted them they cheated me.
Once a friend Taken reseller from me and sent me 500 INR then i have added the money in his account. After few days he asked that he don't need any domain please refund me.
I have refunded his money but forgot to remove balance from his reseller account.
After one-two months he activated domains from the balance and when i tried to contact him He did not answerd any of my call. :O

After this i forced to BAN HIM AND His domains.

India is having 1.25 Million people. Every kind of person can be found here.


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This is pure bullshit. Why would consumers complain if the quality of goods received is good? Just look at naaptol.com, it is the perfect example of crap and greed. The owners advertise goods at cheap prices, the buyer buy it thinking they are getting an awesome deal. But, when the consumers/buyers receive the goods they realise that they have been shortchanged. There are sooooooooo many cases pending against naaptol.com in various consumer courts for frauds.

In order for an ecommerce site to grow it needs to offer quality goods and services along with proper customer support who know what they are doing. Most of the site's customer support representatives have no idea whatsoever, they just go blank when questioned about something.

Best example of a good quality India ecommerce site is flipkart, it has huge fan followings due to their on-time delivery, good products and excellent customer support.


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There is only 13 cr internet user in India out of 121cr population and most of them don't prefer to do shopping online because of privacy, security issue in online transition and lots of scam. Study also show that 80% user do online transition only for ticket booking but not prefer to buy products online from e-commerce website.


well user will prefer e-commerce website if they provide what they are saying. Mostly what happens user buys the product and when he received the product he founds its defected piece, he tries to register a complain for the replacement and all this procedure takes a month or two. and in last he gets frustrated. and you can find these type of cases very often. So mostly people didn't choose e-shopping


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