Where is the best .in Transfer in price ?

I know that this has probably been asked many times, but where is the best .in price for transfer's in (i.e renewals from other registrar) ?.

Just Compare us with others and if you have bulk transfer i.e. 50 or more domains contact our billing department for slightly more discount.

Convenient option of Payment i.e. Paypal (Mass Pay also acceptable), Google Checkout, Visa Credit Card, NetBanking of Indian Banks, Direct deposit in ICICI Bank , HDFC Bank in India and Bank of America in USA and Canada.


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I think in top registrars My choice is Mitsu because of the payment option and good support. AND one more thing that they allow 30 days to renew the expired .In domains and other registrars are deleting them at 15 days like reseller club etc.
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if you compare our today's .in renewal/transfer price it is still below USD 12 (if you wire transfer money ot pay in INR). Our pricing are mainly depend on payment mode as we are keeping wafer thin margin and we cannot afford to bear the gateway charges at the price we are giving to our customer.


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Mitsu.in Renewal for .in - $12.91 at yesterdays exchange rate
Whiz.in Renewal for .in - $14.99 (I think)

Answered my own question for lowest transfer for .in domains. It's Internet.bs at $10.99


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So why people go with them.Do they have any advantage?
Name.com renew charges are less then this If I am correct.


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So why people go with them.Do they have any advantage?
Name.com renew charges are less then this If I am correct.

Why we are registering with Mitsu because we are extremly happy with their services......highly personalized service. 10 or 20 cents does not matter when our valuable domains are well look after.

You are not correct , I just check with name.com and they charges USD 13.99 , see this link : Product Pricing - Name.com
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