what type of domain names are getting type in traffic in india ?


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Are they lll.in domains
are they TM names
are they generic names ?

Would be awesome if someone shared some domains they had type in traffic on the DAY they registered them :)


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i do not agree with previous post (101domain). As in all domain extensions (except 2-3 or 4 letters domains without any sense or dictionary words) besides SEO working we need good words that can be related with multiple categories (like for example finance, shopping, fashion, etc) as these domains even parked can get more traffic than names like IXK or DKX.in that does not mean anything especially for those that want to visit a web site. Of course you can buy traffic in some web sites but for real people visiting your domain (parked, web or mini-site) you need good names like for example financeadvisor.in or medicalattorney.in that unhappily i don´t own.


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northernrailway (.) in
northernrailway (.) co (.) in

Both have got a couple visitors a day or so since I regged pretty sure with some click throughs initially now none - I need to optimize the Sedo parking page

They have been my biggest successes as well as xxi.in which I think is because it used to be owned by someone else - but I also like how it stands for 21 in roman numerals - the acronyms aside.


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