What are LLL.in and NNN.in?


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Hi all,

Could some please explain what the LLL & NNN refers to before the .in & .co.in domains as it is referred to a great deal, just not sure what it is. :confused:

Thanks very much.



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Re: LLL.in & NNN.in ????

L = Letter
N = Number
C = Character (Number or Letter, or Hyphen!)
- = Hyphen



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Re: LLL.in & NNN.in ????

Made into a sticky FAQ

Thanks for the great question and answer :)


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Here's a break down of the math to figure out how many LLL / NNN / L-L / N-N combos there are.

LLL Combos NNN Combos
Char1 26 10
Char2 26 10
Char3 26 10
Total 17576 1000

L-L Combos N-N Combos
Char1 26 10
(-) - -
Char2 26 10
Total 676 100


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Hmm... nice calculations FishSEO. But out of these 17k plus domains only a few are worth a purchase and not all.


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I’m thinking of entering the domain business but I’m confused about the LLL and LLLL domain names. Although, DNScott already said that L stands for letter, it would be nice if someone here could give an example and further elaborate.


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An lll.in would be a domain like abc.in - ie any domain that is only 3 letters long.


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LLL are three letter domain names, for example xyz.com. In total there are 17,576 LLL domains names. This is calculated based on the number of letters in the alphabet (26). 26x26x26=17,576 combinations.

Another example is NNN or 123.com. This refers to numbers and have fewer combinations of only 1,000 calculated from 10x10x10=1,000


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I am new to domaining as well and I recently learned about these types of domains. Why are they so valuable when they are lll or nnn? Can anyone explain?



This is some very interesting information about domains. I had no idea what all that meant but now I see that the sheer numbers of domains available are epic. When you choose a domain, shouldn't you try and use keywords in the domain name for search purposes?
I was under the impression that keywords were the best way to go.


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Three letter domains could be used for business abbreviations and can be very valuable. Example ABC .com is American Broadcasting Company. Which is easier to type into the web browser? ABC or AmericanBroadcastingCompany .com Which would most people be able to type into the browser without making a mistake and which is easier to remember? Not all #LLL will generate 6 figure sales but very few will generate less than 3 figure sales. It just takes the right buyer.


Learned a lot from this thread that I had no idea about. JackD, I never thought about the fact that it would be much easier to search for three letters instead of three full words.


I can understand why 3 letter domains would be so valuable to companies. The larger companies use them a lot as referenced above. I never actually thought about using a 3 letter domain until I read about it in this forum. Thanks, all, for the great ideas and information!
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