WEBLOGS.in at SEDO-LIVE-auction, ends (Oct/26/07 03:38 PM EST)

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    This premium Indian domain name is up for SEDO-LIVE-auction.


    Weblogs.in is india?s best weblogging service address. Weblogs.in is a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.
    Weblogs.in is a powerful, hosted weblogging service. You can publish anything instantly. Be the sole author, or share weblogs with friends, family, or colleagues. Post your vacation photos, comment on the news, keep a private journal. Start now your weblogging service in India with this incredible domain name.

    Registrar: United-domain

    Creation date: Feb 08 2005

    Starting Offer: $150.00

    Auction Ends: (Oct/26/07 03:38 PM EST)

    Selling only domain name without content.

    Please make offer here:

    Good luck!