Walkthrough: How to Use Carrd As a Domain Landing Page

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Recently, domain investor Bar Franek revealed on Twitter that he closed a $150,000 domain name sale. Although Bar didn’t tweet the domain name in question, he did reveal that the initial inquiry that lead to the six-figure sale came via a custom Carrd landing page.

How Much Is Carrd?

Carrd is free, but free usage is limited. Fortunately, Carrd’s Pro version isn’t too expensive. For $9 per year, you can host 3 Carrd sites. Importantly, a Pro subscription allows you to host a Carrd landing page on a custom domain name, rather than a Carrd.co URL. Carrd’s Pro subscription price increases if you want to host a higher number of landing pages. At the most, Carrd Pro allows 500 hosted landing pages at a cost of $469 per year.

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