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UPDATE: I would like to thank EVERYone that made offers on my domain names. NEW domain names are CONSTANTLY updated and added to my list. I will remove domain names as they are sold and you can see a LIST of ALL my domain names that are sold by clicking on my signature link titled "Domain Names For Sale." (You can ALSO signup as a subscriber on

NEWEST domain name added to the list is

Thank you once again and I VERY much appreciate ALL the offers.

P.S. I have NOW sold CLOSE to 200 domain names. I couldn't have done so without ALL my LOYAL customers. I thank EACH and EVERY one of you. :cool:

Hey Fellow Domainers, :cool:

In the commentary section below, ONLY post that you have sent me a private message or the domain name(s) you're interested in. When you send me the ACTUAL private message, please let me know which domain name(s) you're interested in, and the budget you're willing to spend, and we shall proceed from there.

Thank you! :cool:

P.S. ALL domain names except for are registered through GoDaddy. So FREE push if you have a GoDaddy account and we can come to an agreement on a price. :cool: (Valuable 3 Letter .com) (MANY GREAT QUOTES) (GREAT for an informative cigarette or anti-cigarette website) (Brandable and an Urban Dictionary Meaning) Urban Dictionary: skax (Brandable - Sounds Like Europe) (TV Texas) (MANY acronyms for this domain name) - (In Urban Dictionary) Urban Dictionary: eahh (One Letter .md Domain Name) (Sounds Like Weight or Wait - GREAT for a Dieting Website - I've been informed but I haven't confirmed that W8 means Internet Cafe in Chinese - Again I have NOT confirmed This Info.) (Apartments Abbreviated) (Easy Numbers to Remember) (Peer to Peer) (One Word .com Dictionary Domain Name) (One Word .com Dictionary Domain Name) (One Word .com Domain Name) (One Word .com Dictionary Domain Name) (One Word .com Dictionary Domain Name) (One Word .com Dictionary Domain Name) and and and and and and and and and (I'm Brokering These Four Domain Names For Someone Else) and
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