Uniregistry's persistence finally sees the light of the day

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For those who don’t follow my Twitter account, I want to share how the persistence of Uniregistry brokers paid off and concluded with a domain name sale. The sale was small ($1,500), but it was an unexpected sale that I entirely attribute to the diligence of Uniregistry, particularly Chris Aguilar. The domain name I sold (which will not be shared) was one I consider inventory and nothing special to me.

In 2014, I hand registered a domain name. It was a descriptive domain name and probably did not earn any revenue. In 2016, I received an inquiry for the domain name via Uniregistry broker who asked me for the price of the domain name on behalf of a client. The prospective buyer did not make an offer at that time. I am not sure how the prospect landed on my domain name. I believe I had been using the Uniregistry inquiry lander at that time, so they either called Uniregistry or they were already a client of Uniregistry looking for domain names similar to mine.

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