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If someone wanted to brand themselves in their niche, what are some of the ways in which they can become well known in a short space of time other than using peers for getting that instant recognition?


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After deciding on your niche, do your research and concentrate on what is likely to catch people's attention. Don't concentrate on just getting instant traffic; at times you have to go that extra mile to create quality content. You'll still need to rope in your peers though.


Would you know what is the best way to approach said peers? I have no idea how one goes about getting in tough with others. I think that a simple email might get ignored.


If you know where people who like your topic are, like boards or facebook, then you could join those groups and put your site on them or in your sig. It worked for my site.


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If you know where people who like your topic are, like boards or facebook, then you could join those groups and put your site on them or in your sig. It worked for my site.
This can also fail at times if you are constantly trying to purely push your agenda in those groups and/or forums. There are many other effective ways that you can reach out to your peers while ensuring that you give them time to think over your idea.


Well, in regards to forums and blogs, you might want to make it like a TV show. Note, a good TV show that is memorable for years has good characters and a good chemistry between them. Also, it has good storylines. Anyway, the person watching the TV show, or blog or forum for that matter, wants to know what some of the characters will say next, cause the characters and story fascinate them.


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Social media! This is 100% best way to attract your peers and generally, people! Use all of them. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow people so they follow you back then keep posting things about your projects. Trust me it will work. Just always put quality over quantity.

Don't feel like you constantly have to, for example, tweet. If your tweets will catch people's attention and be good quality there shouldn't be an issue.

So many business's and ideas blossomed thanks to social media.

Another way that people are doing recently is make YouTube videos. Maybe one where you talk about your website, show it a bit, discuss what you are looking to do in future in relation with it and so on. Be creative.
Howdy! Here I will share some tips that will help you promote your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines are an important resource for visitors to your website. The goal is that Search Engines "likes" your site, and you can do it by optimizing it. This type of Optimization is called SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

Whether Search Engines will like or miss your website will depend on several factors. Here are some of the most important factors.

1. Create unique content. Search Engines (SE) prefer unique content - they do not like duplicate content. Many visitors will be brought to your search engine website (SE): carefully study your keywords and add them to the TITLE and the text of the website pages. Keyword concentration on each page should be between 3 and 5%.

2. Add your website to Search Engines when it is less than 30 days old - that is, when robots.txt will allow indexing of your website.

There is a long list of Search Engines where you can sign up for your website. We suggest that you pay special attention to the following:


The more Search Engines (SE) will know your site, the better it will be. But the three SEs mentioned above are the most important because they are the largest and can give you the most numerous visitors.

3. Add your website to the catalogs. The most popular catalog is DMOZ. Be very careful when adding your site. Choose the correct category, and create a proper title and description. With these elements, you will increase the chances of your website being added. Note that by adding your website to DMOZ you will also receive a small bonus in the SE ranking.

4. Increase the number of links. The more links to your site, the more visitors from SE you will have. The better the website that links to your site, the higher the link. It is very important that the link to your website contains the desired keywords in the source.
Howdy! Here I will share some tips that will help you promote your website.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Search Engines are not the only source of visitors to your website. Many people spend most of their time on social networks when browsing the Internet. It is possible to spread information about your website within them. This type of site optimization is called SMO.

1. Integrate your website into social networking sites, such as Facebook. You can add the Facebook button to your website. When users click on it, they will get links on their profile. In addition to the "Like" button, Facebook offers many devices that can be integrated into uCoz websites.

2. Use Twitter to get additional visitors to your website. You can post tweets with links to new posts on your website. These links are indexed by search engines. When you have 1000 readers for each tweet, they will send a lot of visitors to your website.

Do not forget to watch @ucoz_ro and you'll always learn the latest uCoz news. cool

You can find the buttons for Twitter and other devices here

3. Place the social bookmark distribution buttons like Delicious. There is a wide range of social sharing services on the internet, but I would suggest you do not use too much at the same time, because because of the multitude of buttons, your website will look like a Christmas tree.

The best known bookmarking services are:

Delicious -
Diigo - Add to Diigo
Digg - DiggThis


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