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I was just made aware of a mind boggling UDRP filing. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has filed a UDRP for the ABC.net domain name. The filing was made at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and it is WIPO Case D2019-1181.

ABC.net was created in 1995. It was probably one of the earliest .net domain names created that still retains its original registration date. A Whois record for the domain name shows the domain name is registered to someone in Ontario, Canada. Using DomainTools’ historical Whois tool, it looks like the domain name was registered to the same person back in 2000 (the earliest archived Whois record at DomainTools). At that time, the domain name was registered to an entity called ABC Computer Networks Inc., and the registrant contact is the same person who is the current registrant.

With a UDRP filing like this, you might think the domain name has clearly infringing content on it to make the Australian Broadcasting Corporation believe it has the rights to take possession of this domain name via the UDRP process. From what I can see on the landing page, it looks like an image of a city skyline with a “for sale” message in the foreground:

“The domain name ABC.NET is now available for sale. We’re currently accepting offers for this ultra premium domain name. If you would like to make an offer or discuss available options, please contact us directly at:”

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