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Not all scam traffic is PPC (pay-per-click), the subject of another thread I wrote. In fact, many companies simply offer visitors, rather than some scheme where you bid for visitors. Nonetheless, the idea is the same. Trick the consumer into buying low quality traffic.

Where does the low quality traffic that cheap PPC and cheap direct traffic companies come from? Well, the sources could be bots, visitors that aren't even human, and another source could be redirected domains.


I am new to the whole buying traffic thing, and so far I've only ever been using free methods of generating traffic to my site, but I am wary about scams when it comes to buying traffic. I think I will stick to FB ads and maybe GDN for now.


It really isn't worth buying traffic as far as I can tell. So much of it is either bots or banner exchanges. If you can target your market through Adsense or other channels you get real people who are far more likely to come back, keep the site busy, and spend money.
Traffic buying scam is very rampant on the internet nowadays. In fact, the internet is loaded with these traffic scams, and many people have been successfully scammed just because traffic happens to be the basis for breaking through online.

You can avoid traffic buying scammers simply by taking some basic security steps such as checking whether the site you are buying traffic from is really secured or not. If secured, you may go ahead with your traffic order, but if not, you should try other sites.


The worst thing about buying traffic is that there are too many people who don't really understand that bots can be used as a method and they rate the sellers with 5/5. This way you can never get rid of bad sellers and know which one is legit and which one isn't.


I came across a lot of Fiverr and Freelancer users who let you buy the traffic. Honestly most of those gigs are scam. And the traffic is very poor quality. one has to understand that nothing comes cheap. And buying traffic adds no value to anyone who wishes to make money. In such case better use Adwords or the FBAds.


I came across a lot of Fiverr and Freelancer users who let you buy the traffic. Honestly most of those gigs are scam. And the traffic is very poor quality. one has to understand that nothing comes cheap. And buying traffic adds no value to anyone who wishes to make money. In such case better use Adwords or the FBAds.

Do you know of any reliable service that offers legit shares on facebook and other networking sites that will actually reach the audience? Would love for some nice alternatives


The bottom line is that you simply get what you pay for. They're isn't any way around it - for the most part. Note, even if you're trying to get free traffic from social media, well, you're still going to have to work hard. In other words, there may not be money spent, but you will spend time.
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