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It's been said that a good host operates on a powerful server, besides having stable network connections. I was perusing articles online and came across one which stated that a host should have a 99.5% score. In fact, it went further to state that anything that falls under 99% is unacceptable. Do most hosting companies (necessarily) meet this threshold?
If they do, they all seem to mention it. If I came across a host that does not mention it, I would ask the sales team BEFORE buying their services.
I've never understood what goes into the score though. If a site is under a DDOS attack, is the host company responsible for fixing that and does it count into the percentage?
Up Time usually refers to a "shared hosting" environment where multiple (sometimes hundreds) of websites reside on the same server and it refers to the time the server (and therefore your webiste) is online and not down because of maintenance or server failure. It those cases the hosting company is responsible for DDOS attacks. The host company would also be responsible for Managed VPS and Dedicated servers if you lease them. The only time you would be responsible is if you purchased an "un-managed" VPS or Dedicated server. The host company would not help with that unless it is also interfering with their other offered services and then they would probably just take your server off.


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