Stupid Enom website


I can't believe it keep timeout at the last moment I try to catch the domain ... damn it make me can't catch any :( ... :mad:
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does Reseller Club charge more ? cost more? I dont know anything about Reseller club yet .. Can someone explain a bit for me ? thanks


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They're pretty much the same as any other Registrar.

The only difference is that you are signing up as a reseller and get your own reseller website, which would be something like

Then you sign up as a client on (so you are your own client).

You get domains at their reseller prices, which depends on how much you've spent with them or deposited in your account. The prices are reasonable.

I think and a lot of other companies are just resellers at Reseller Club.

Also, a lot of people have their domains at a Reseller Club reseller, and you can push your domains across resellers as if they were all just one big registrar.


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I too am a reseller with ResellerClub..would recommend them to you..I do not wish to have sub-resellers under I can give you an honest feedback about their services..

So basically, they follow the same business model as enom..but have a better pricing than them..also, they allow you to sell as a service provider by giving you ample opportunities to brand all interfaces you get from is account manager is very helpful..

the only problem that I face with them is the lack of some EU extensions..other than that..I do not see a reason why you should not go with them..


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