Stands4 sues over transaction

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Company that bought a stolen domain name sues and John Doe thief.

A publisher is suing after it paid $180,000 for a stolen domain name using
Stands4 paid $180,000 last year to acquire It then spent $50,000 developing it, adding to its portfolio of sites including,, and
Shortly after publishing a new site on the domain name, Stands4 was sued in Florida court by Chloe Alston, who said she was the rightful owner and had not sold the domain. After looking at the evidence, Stands4 decided not to contest that she was the domain owner and that the person who sold the domain as Chloe was not actually Chloe.

This was the second time a thief tried to sell the domain. A previous attempt on Sedo was scuttled after the buyer questioned who was selling the domain. Surprisingly, after the first time, the domain was not fully locked down and apparently, the thief still had control.

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